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Together We


The next RISING TIDE class begins on May 7th 2024

What is Cotide?

An educational company dedicated to teaching core financial and behavioral success tenets to help the next generation plan a meaningful life, have the money to afford it, and the wisdom to keep it.

What does “Cotide” mean?

The word “cotidal’ represents a line on a map at which point high tide occurs simultaneously. Our design is to lift a whole generation to its “high tide” together.

Cotide’s mission is educating the next generation to make smart, informed financial choices while pursuing their unique life by design.

We believe each of us was born on purpose, with a calling, and a path.  Cotide aims to illuminate your path by sharing life design, wealth, and wisdom resources throughout your life adventure, including collegiate advising. Cotide's primary mission is to cultivate a community of individuals who share a common vision: to lead purposeful lives while actively contributing to the betterment of everyone around them.

Why Cotide Now?

Our education system is not designed to help students prepare for, or make, sound financial decisions.  This reality is affecting the next generation's massive debt accumulation and lack of wealth creation. As interest rates and the cost of living have mushroomed since the pandemic, these challenges have multiplied.

At the same time…life doesn’t pause…these life-altering financial decisions and the lack of planning happen amidst key life decisions such as education, career, and residency.

After the Great Recession and through the Pandemic…US National debt has risen from $4 Trillion to over $33 Trillion (according to the US Treasury Dept. as of Sept 2023) without a significant tax increase while government entitlement programs such as Social Security are being depleted. A solid financial foundation is now lacking both governmentally and personally.  We start now and we start with ourselves.

Cotide’s mission is educating the next generation to make smart and informed financial choices while building and pursuing their unique life by design.

Together We Rise

Elevating FinancialSuccess By Design

We believe that when you make smart and informed decisions about your life by design you strengthen not just your life, but your family, community, country and world.  How do we know that??  Because the opposite is so clear!  The pain of living by default is not only littered throughout the newspapers of today but on all the pages of history.  Our global community has become too small for this to continue. 

Cotide goes beyond having a strong financial foundation.  We dive into the behaviors and psychology around money and wealth that impacts our ability to live by design.  Each life by design adds to the light of our world.  Will you add to it?

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