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“Know where you are going,

have the money to get there, and the

wisdom to keep it.” - Peter Martin

We believe each of us was born on purpose, with a calling, and a path. We believe each of was given certain gifts, talents and passions for a reason. Our goal is to help the next generation live that path and contribute to their fullest potential.

Cotide is, through the building of a community, inspiring and educating the next generation.

Cotide is an educational company dedicated to teaching core financial success tenets to help the next generation plan a meaningful life, have the money to afford it, and the wisdom to keep it.

We share our message through on-site presentations, live virtual and in-person classes, and social media

How do we experience Cotide?

  • Cotide visits schools to share the message of creating life by design, financial success, and stories of wisdom

  • Cotide provides collegiate advising services to enhance your opportunities for gaining entry to the college of your dreams

  • Cotide offers group classes and one-on-one coaching to share and reinforce the key principles of design, wealth, and wisdom

  • Cotide is building a robust social media presence to support the ongoing mission of giving the next generation the knowledge and tools necessary to thrive

With the rapid rise in social technologies and global shifts in perception around public health—the world in which we live has been shaped by the loudest, richest voices.


The noise is like shifting tides with no direction. It is easy to get lost or lose sight in the haze of languish. Cotide is here to help you rise above. To show that wealth doesn’t have to be just for the wealthy.


Putting into practice discipline, grit and determination, you can design a life.

Cotide’s customizable solutions are geared towards empowering younger investors to be better prepared for life’s unpredictability. Financial health is more than just about saving money—it’s about having the wellbeing and agility to weather the storms; sailing through life safely and successfully without being impacted by devastating blows; it's about being financially fit to power through strong undercurrents that might try to change your course.

Cotide goes beyond just wealth empowerment skills. We understand that human behavior impacts our decision making process—and it can affect your path for better or worse, depending on how you harness your knowledge of self-destiny.

From one-on-one coaching to collegiate advisory services, we do all we can to make your journey a success.

About Peter Martin

Peter has been helping individuals accomplish their life goals for over 30 years while working with both a large Fortune 100 company as well as starting his own successful firm. Peter is a gifted and passionate presenter who has spoken at schools, businesses and homes sharing the tenets of life by design and prosperity. Peter also coaches financial advisors who are actively building their life and businesses by design knowing that they in turn can have a profound and immeasurable impact on the next generation. 

Now Peter is committed to helping the next generation understand the principles behind the creation of wealth and living by design.  After years of listening to the challenges the next generation faces, he created the presentation “Launch!” which details how to design your life, have the money to afford it, and the wisdom to keep it. Peter shares entertaining stories, real-life examples, setbacks and successes on exactly how to live by design.  He has a gift for knowing which direction to take and the most direct approach to get there. His ideas and approach will be new to you and his most common feedback is “You just taught me what I thought I would learn in High School and College…but didn’t!” 

Peter and his wife, Robin, an Executive Coach, have two sons, Jack and Brady, and a daughter Kiley. The family enjoys splitting its time between Chatham and Beacon Hill Massachusetts.  When Peter is not sharing his message of life by design, he can be found fishing off Chatham, skiing, and reading.

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