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Our team at Cotide is a diverse group of individuals, each of us bringing unique expertise and passion to the table. Our core strength lies in our collective experience, which spans various aspects of finance, technology, wellness, and social engagement. We are financial coaches, fintech mavens, wellness enthusiasts, and community builders. We're excited about guiding you on your personal journey to wealth creation, leveraging our unique skills and experiences. Get to know us better, and you'll see why we're uniquely positioned to support you on your path to financial freedom and holistic well-being.

Peter has personally charted a vibrant professional career in finance, advising and coaching for decades. His storied understanding and empathy for the human condition is inspirational and will be paramount to Cotide’s success. Peter’s abilities and comfort level to speak with audiences of all ages and sizes will leverage the Co’s message and mission—as well as become a great educational vehicle for launching fintech tools and new products down the line. Words matter; and having a leader that understands the impact of ‘voice’ will greatly help Cotide reach the masses. With tremendous wisdom, vision, humility and compassion—Peter will be a great resource to help distill a range of growth opportunities into one clear path; steering the team forward as you grow.

As a whole, Cotide is coming at a time when social division is at a record high. Having a community and service provide guidance and clarity (with purpose) to a younger generation is not only thoughtful, compassionate and compelling—but is desperately needed. Especially through the lens of wisdom, wealth, and overall wellbeing. It is our belief that while the target audience is a younger demographic, the mission, and themes of Cotide’s message will resonate cross-generationally and could even impact how seasoned investors handle their legacy—giving back to communities like Cotide to help sustain these valuable efforts.

Robin is a catalyst for connection—always bringing people together for a greater purpose. Her career in executive coaching, public speaking, and her innate intuition and validation of the human spirit, will open doors of opportunity for Cotide. Robin has eloquently harnessed her own understanding of ‘self’ and has mastered how to equip others in finding their own potential. This “EQ aptitude” will help define Cotide’s mission by helping people truly reimagine, personalize, design, curate, and customize their future self. Robin also has a superb ability to foster community through her colorful use of vocabulary, delivery of message, tenacity and wit. Cotide’s exhibited personality will create the type of quality engagement you want with your community.

Hannah is the perfect person to lead communication, marketing, and design efforts. As a former student and now usher of Cotide’s mission, Hannah has an ideal perspective lens to truly feature/highlight/and craft Cotide content that is both educational and engaging—by creating opportunities through your social channels and event spaces. Hannah has the “eyes and ears” being the target audience age; this is critical for understanding how best to reach your demographic through various social channels, trending vocabulary/lingo, generational interests, taste levels, habits, (the good, the bad, the ugly)— which will aid in your efforts to connect tremendously.

Jack has witnessed the inside evolutionary changes of Cotide from the very beginning—being the sounding board and “voice of his generation” (the target audience age group) while helping Peter & Robin fine-tune the message and mission. Jack’s perspective will continually help track Cotide’s brand evolution; riffing with Hannah’s team to make sure the message/voice is fresh, fun, on-brand, and resonant with the Cotide community. Jack’s ability to document Peter’s in-person educational sessions will also provide a constructive feedback mirror; helping to refine and perfect consistently. As trajectories may shift for the company, Jack’s role will be an ideal “quality check” — keeping newer products and services locked-in to the brand’s standards. 

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